We're a group made up of believers, doers, and friends. Our mission is to help brands develop creative and thought-leading content paired with informed digital strategy, and backed by data and analytics—ARM Creative is a catalyst for communication between your brand and your audience. We’ve helped develop a proprietary programmatic advertising platform that allows us to build customer profiles, based on your Target Customer Personas, to deliver hyper-targeted digital content and messages to your audiences—effectively reaching consumers farther down the funnel and increasing conversions.

What is a Target Customer Persona? We’ve all heard of demographics—statistical characteristics that identify a particular group of the population (income, age, education level, etc.). Demographics provide only a surface-level understanding of your customers. Target Customer Personas combine the statistical data that demographics provide, with psychographic data. Psychographics supply a much deeper comprehension of your audiences by incorporating your consumers goals, motivators, aspirations, likes, behaviors, and characteristics.

Marketing is about building relationships. We offer full-service marketing strategy and content production with a unique perspective. You'll find that it's our process that sets us apart; dedicating time to understanding your Target Customer Personas: how they consume content, the content they want to consume, and where they consume it.





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