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United Way of Anchorage

Each year, United Way of Anchorage hosts their annual campaign kickoff event which hosts thousands of guests. The event puts the non-profit top-of-mind and provides a compelling moment for contribution to their mission. With the COVID-19 pandemic in full-effect in 2020, the organization was forced to hold the event virtually—presenting several challenges. United Way of Anchorage asked ARM Creative to produce a campaign kickoff video that would highlight the need for contributions while illustrating the compounding impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on the community.

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What We Did.

During a unique time, ARM Creative collaborated with United Way of Anchorage to produce this video synthetically—utilizing both archived and new video footage. Due to health and safety regulations at the time, in-person production was limited. ARM Creative was able to combine new video footage with elements from United Way of Anchorage to tell a story and deliver the message effectively.
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