What is the State of the Industry Event?


As an initiative of the internal and external company culture at ARM Creative, our team as developed an education and community-building event series to connect marketers and business owners. We named the event the State of the Industry (SOTI) event because our goal is to bring the local market up-to-speed on the current trends, best practices, and strategies for the topic at hand. These events offer attendees a free meal, a free marketing seminar, as well as the opportunity to connect with other like-mined individuals in the industry.

While developing this series, our team opted for a small-group setting of about 15 attendees for each event. By limiting the number of seats at each event, we’re able to customize the experience for each attendee and provide more-detailed Q&A opportunities.


When our team is ready to launch a SOTI Event, we publish a sign up form on our site under an ‘Events' page. We’ll post to social platforms and run ads for the event so that we can offer seats to those who do not already follow us on our social media platforms.

Users will be directed to the aforementioned sign up form on our site, where they’ll complete the form and await a seat confirmation . Due to the high volume of sign ups, seats are offered on a first come, first serve basis. Depending on when a user submits a seat request, they’ll either receive a seat confirmation or a notice that the event has been filled. We want everyone to have a chance to attend, so repeat attendance is not offered at this time. On the day of the event, attendees simply need to arrive with a pen and notebook. Food and beverages are provided and vary from event to event.


While at the event, we’ll kick things off with a round of introductions for everyone in attendance, followed by a brief overview of the event topic, a slide deck presentation, and a round table Q&A. We like to keep the format laidback, encouraging attendees to ask questions throughout the presentation. After the presentation, it’s the perfect time to network with others and make new connections.

In the days following the event, we’ll share the slide deck with each attendee and add everyone to a private Facebook group for past attendees. The group offers a forum for alumni to connect regarding current marketing strategies, successes, failures, questions, etc. Our team at ARM also posts informational and industry-relevant content to keep members up-to-date and connected in the fast-changing marketing industry.


In our first event of the series, we hosted a dinner event at Suite 100 restaurant in Anchorage. Attendees came from a wide variety of industries including construction, real estate, media, professional services, tourism, and retail.

State of the Industry Event: Digital Marketing, Content Creation, & Programmatic Advertising.

State of the Industry Event: Digital Marketing, Content Creation, & Programmatic Advertising.


The goal of these events is to connect people—bringing professionals with similar interests together to advance the level of marketing and advertising in the state of Alaska. With an emphasis on transparency and collaboration, we work hard to provide these events to the public and continue to build a community after the event is over.

You can email team@arm-creative.com with any questions about the event series.

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Zachary Aregood