Website Retargeting Ads


in this article, we’re talking specifically about pixel retargeting ads. These types of ads utilize a tracking pixel, placed on the pages of your website. When a user visits your site and consumes the content within your site’s pages, their web browser is tagged with a cookie.

Once the user has left your site, they’ll be served your retargeting ads, encouraging engagement and return traffic to your site. It’s important to note that you can place page-specific tracking pixels on your site so that the retargeting ads a user gets after leaving, are relevant to the content they consumed.


There are several website retargeting platforms on the market. Ultimately, the best tool for you will vary depending on your specific needs, but for the most part, they all complete the same task. Here are a few retargeting platforms to consider:

At ARM Creative, the demand side platform (DSP) we use for many of our programmatic ad placements offers website retargeting placements. Please email us at to learn more about this platform.

The cost and pricing structure for website retargeting ads differs from platform to platform. Some platforms charge customers on a CPM basis while others, like AdRoll, offer tiered-level packages that accrue charges based on user engagement, and provide a specific level of service, bases on that spend.

The best idea is to research platforms and their pricing models to find a structure that fits your needs. However, keep in mind, this is a scalable medium; the more you spend, the more website visitors you are able to reach, which increases return site traffic and conversion opportunities.

website retargeting infographic